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Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a game for everyone. No experience is needed. It is played by singles, doubles, mixed doubles or teams. A small white bowl (the jack) is rolled onto the green and the bowler, in turn, try to throw the bowl closest to the jack and score points. The bowl is weighted off center and is not round. There are always coaches on the green to help new bowlers. So come on down!
Lawn Bowling and Coveleigh Club have a long and wonderful history together. It was started here by Frank Lowe, one of the founding fathers of Coveleigh, in 1935. Each year, the Frank Lowe award is presented to the bowler who best represents the spirit of the game. Coveleigh has both team-play and social play for men, women and mixed games. 
Our green is carefully tended each year by the staff so that playing is a pleasure. White is traditionally worn with team play but casual dress is allowed for social bowling. New bowlers are always welcome - no experience necessary. There is coaching at every event. The Women's League plays on Thursday mornings while the Men's League competes on Sunday mornings. The social bowlers play on Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings, but members are encouraged to initiate a game whenever the green is open.